Case Study

When 70-year-old Joan Hawkins disappeared one afternoon her husband knew he may no longer be able to keep her safe and continue to care for her at home. This is Joan’s story...

Change in behaviour:

Joan’s husband Ted had noticed she was becoming increasingly forgetful and struggling with names.

One afternoon he returns home to discover the house open and Joan missing. She is found by a neighbour wandering near her home.

Joan is taken to hospital where she is diagnosed with vascular dementia. After discussions with Joan’s GP, social worker and family, it is decided Joan would be safer in a care home.

Arrival at Lindridge

Our experienced team of specialists conduct a series of detailed assessments and discuss Joan’s needs with medical professionals and Joan’s family before drawing up a personalised care pathway.

After six months at Lindridge

Joan has settled into her new home and is relaxed and content. She is benefitting from sessions with our occupational therapist and her husband Ted has furnished her room with her favourite chair and framed photographs of her grandchildren.

Joan has started to make friends and particularly enjoys watching classic films.

A year at Lindridge

Joan is taking a full and active part in life at the care home. She has a large circle of friends, likes to walk around the gardens and take part in horticultural activities.

Ted and the rest of Joan’s family are regular visitors and enjoy spending time at Lindridge safe in the knowledge Joan is living in a supportive, caring environment where her needs are fully understood and accommodated.