We like residents to treat Lindridge as their home, for however long they stay with us.

All bedrooms are bright and comfortable and come equipped with a bed and bedside cabinet, fitted wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing table and desk, desk chair, easy chair, flatscreen television, and en suite WC. We encourage everyone to bring favourite small items of furniture and personal belongings with them as a familiar mirror or collection of photographs can help new residents relax and settle.

Our extensively modernised buildings boast a number of homely communal areas, smaller reading rooms, and entertainment areas where residents can socialise, participate in group activities, prepare drinks and snacks, or relax with the Sunday paper.

As well as making new friends, it’s important to us that residents stay in touch with their loved ones. Friends and family are welcome to visit at any time with the approval of the resident and pets can also visit by arrangement with the home manager. Telephones can be added to bedrooms and Wi-Fi will be available throughout the building giving everyone the opportunity to communicate via Skype and email.

Our tranquil landscaped gardens are ideal for taking a therapeutic stroll or relaxing whilst enjoying the south coast climate. Even if it’s raining outside it’s never grey indoors, even during winter, as a daylight mimicking system creates a bright, energising ambience which research has shown has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being.

The safety of residents is paramount, as is their right to privacy, so we have installed a state of the art access control system which means bedrooms are safe and secure whilst also preventing any vulnerable residents from accidently leaving the premises.