Keeping minds active

At Lindridge we offer a diverse range of therapeutic, occupational and creative activities and a rolling programme of events to keep our residents stimulated and motivated.

Group activities such as film showings (with ice cream and popcorn), games afternoons featuring Scrabble, dominos, cards and quizzes are great for inspiring residents to congregate and socialise. We also run discussion groups where residents can talk about the day’s news and events, and ‘memory lane’ sessions where everyone can share stories about their childhood, families and working life.

Daily newspapers and books are available for keen readers and residents are also able to enjoy their favourite television and radio programmes just as they would at home. Local performers are also regular guests.

We want daily life to be interesting and fulfilling so take great care in getting to know everyone personally. Whether it’s baking or gardening, crossword puzzles or listening to opera, we can involve every resident in activities they will find pleasurable and meaningful.